So Not Ready For X-mas But Bring It On!

Christmas gifts.

Hey! I just got home with a small bag of clothes for my little cousin as a Christmas gift and I’m prepared to run off again. Before that, I wanted to ask you a few things:

  1. Did you got at least half the gifts ready? I know I didn’t get them ready, I’m trying to get some more till the Big Day but some presents will arrive late-Orifflame related stuff.
  2. How’s you tree? My dad made mine -Mom run off like she always does- and it looks so so so so weird. I will include a picture. Pic’s no good but that’s all I could do. It shows the prettier side anyway.
  3. What do you want for Christmas? I wanted a laptop so I could have a silent, top of the bed way to do stuffs but I would have been pleased by some PC upgrades too. Not gonna happen so I think a Boeuf Salad will do.
  4. Are you happy this Christmas? I am a bit happy because I have people I love around and one of the cats left me with lotsa scratches on my hand.
  5. Do you still believe in Santa Claus? I don’t but I will lie others into believing in it. It’s one of the made up joys of life. I’m not religious as a person -although I’m orthodox- and I don’t really associate X-mas with it. 
  6. What the meaning of Christmas for you? It means happy -sort of- and magical times to me.

Here’s the tree. That’s how far the wire would stretch from my room (yes, I used a handy webcam with poor quality, I apologize, Santa  was always low on cash):

A little friend asked me ‘Is that supposed to be a tree!?’

5 thoughts on “So Not Ready For X-mas But Bring It On!

  1. Well let’s see:

    1. Yes. We had our Christmas last week when my sister was visiting. I must admit I like to shop and wrap presents, so everything was already together when she got here.

    2. Our tree is not up this year, because we are not feeling the Christmas spirit. It’s my first Christmas alone in a long time and it’s the first Christmas my family has been separated. Now that my sister lives 12 hours away, it just doesn’t feel the same. At least not yet.

    3. Well, I had no clue what I wanted. But my sister got me a scarf for my trip to Spain next month, and my parents got me good clasps for my necklaces (I make jewelry).

    4. *sigh* Yes and no.I have a couple days off from work, the weather is nice, and I like to be with my family. But, see 2.

    5. When I was little, my parents used to jingle bells outside my window and throw tennis balls up on the roof. I can still remember the magic :) But sadly, all good things come to an end and my powers of reasoning eventually concluded that the concept was impossible to execute. Sad.

    6. It reminds me of one of the most central elements of my chosen religion. :) Christmas was joyous when I was little, and the house was always full of people I loved. Now, it’s slightly colder. Focusing on it’s religious meaning to me makes me smile, so maybe that’s what I’ll focus on this year. :)

    I hope you and your family are having a wonderful holiday :)

    1. Oh, hi Katie :)

      That’s sad to hear but I do hope you can still muster a tiny smile. My family is in a kind of split-up situation too but I don’t mind it as much. *Loving someone enough to let it go*, was it? That might not apply to you and it doesn’t apply to me either but there might be some truth there. I actually wish and beg for my parents to break up, as weird as that sounds. Still, even on the minefield, we sometimes find some moments to slip in a word. A small phone call may be able to ease you up a little and not feel like you’re disturbing their life too much…Sorry, I shouldn’t try to spread bits of lame advice.

      I almost never had a X-mas with my family. I don’t remember actually. I always got gifts I didn’t want, if I got any (why would I want oranges that are dried up for X-mas?) and nothing to last till today. We didn’t really have any problem with money but with caring for me… It was never something special. I’m glad it was for you as long as it lasted and I’m sure you will find some magic to it somehow. I hold that hope for myself too and I hope you’ll take care of those memories. They are quick to fade away.

      I must admit I’m a bit confused about the tennis balls…Santa’s red enough not to need bruises!

      1. Well, life *is* too short not to smile :)

        I think everyone can relate to that statement, even if it is in very different circumstances. I definitely will be calling my sister today, I think she might get a bit lonely, although she’d never admit it. As for what you said about your parents, wishing for an end to the suspended situation makes perfect sense. I don’t know of a single person who would intentionally want people to be upset and unhappy. Sometimes, taking that one step and breaking out of the situation does wonders. It’s ultimately their choice, but one you can still learn from. One of my friends had a family that wasn’t cohesive. It bothered him, but he told me one day that he knew what *not* to do when he had a family in the future. I thought that was pretty profound myself….

        When I read the part about never having a good Christmas, it kind of reminded me of something similar in my life. I always wanted a big family, and I always wanted a brother. Needless to say, that never happened. So when I got older, I adopted someone as my brother. Even though Christmas kinda sucks now, in the future, you’ll be able to make it whatever you want. Personally, I like it that none of my extended family come to my house because it was always super stressful. But I love it when my friends come over for holidays, or just to spend time with us. So maybe your Christmases (that’s a word now) in the future will be filled with the great friends and the people you choose to surround yourself with. Those are the best in my opinion :)

        I have a few memories I treasure from my childhood, and I’ll safeguard those. The oranges, although upsetting, were kind of funny. That’s like getting a fruit cake here… fruit cakes have so many meanings from “I’m a grandma, I’m supposed to make this” to “I’m the neighbor that hates you, here… have an inedible cake filled with frankenfruit and arsenic!” I think the oranges would make a funny story in the future.

        As for the tennis balls, Daddy would throw them on the roof to sound like reindeer hooves. I ate it up. Haha

        1. : )) Well, you did brighten up my Christmas, that’s for sure. Aye, Christmases it’s a word from now on.

          *deletes rants*

          I hope you never get such a cake from your neighbors. Biting that would cure even my love for sweets.

          Ah, reindeer hooves. Smart Daddy! :)

          Random thought —-> There’s no good decorations hanged on the streets or I would go for a stroll now. I find winter’s magic closer by being outside, seeing pretty lights and drifting off in the back of the car while Marius (dad) used to drive me though the city for that purpose. That happened long ago though.

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