Love Doesn’t Live Here Anymore…

Italo Calvino

I believe a soul is like a house.

It keeps within part of the joys and laughs as well as the sadness and misfortune and all the they hardly let them go away.

Most people stop and knock at the door, inhabitants just walk right in and some weird people just burst though right into your very core. And you? What do you do? Were you expecting them, do they need an invitation for their visit, do you not want them near?

frozen hearth

Have you ever wondered: Is my heart an open door? Not just for love but for the people you know or knew.

I always fought to not let strange people peek though the window in my home. I always tried to drove them off my lawn even if the other house inhabitants wanted them there. Yes, your soul is not only you, its shared with your family. If they want for someone to be part of your life, even though great struggles, you might not be able to shake them off.

Magic Castle

What there to do there? Nothing? More struggles? Acceptance?

I do not know.

What’s there to do about it? What’s there to do when you don’t want your family to inhabit your soul?

10 thoughts on “Love Doesn’t Live Here Anymore…

    1. Ieonna finds that a funny answer
      She wonders what’s the historical alliance
      The questions she asked are not
      Something to not take dot by dot
      For she greedily describes
      A very much stabbed hearth.

      She chose to mask it up
      To not betray trust
      But she assures the small Elephant
      She finds her hearth something to not joke about.

      ^Not making too much sense. It’s a summed up story of my life hidden in a less than it’s pitiful natural state. I didn’t want to trow my life on the blog for the end of the year so I chose this complicated piece of text to give people something to think about while still sharing my concerns, in a masked way.
      Sure, you can see the questions rhetorical, it’s part of this little piece of writing’s purpose. I’m glad that you liked it, well, I hope you did. :)

  1. My heart is a dungeon and it takes much time and effort to break down the doors. Few have ever gotten that far because it is too much work.
    I keep hoping for the one who will make me want to open up easily.
    But I often wonder if I am just too damaged for that to ever happen.

    1. Sometimes it’s better to keep it locked for those that you don’t want in. I’m sure it will happen, just let the doors be opened if you feel it’s right. Don’t scramble away from it. :) That’s what I tell myself too.

      Thank you for dropping by and for this comment. Leaves me thinking really. It kind of irons out what I want my heart to be sometimes, for different reasons probably.

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