About me: Gabriela

Hello there!

Social Graphic Designer

I am Gabriela, a clumsy 18 years old Scorpio.

I am really passionate about graphic design, writing and general topics I also like to connect with people over the internet, exchange thoughts and share experiences . I’d love for that to happen on here too! :)

I am forgetful and clumsy, hence the name and I also like to think the whys about things, which you’ll see me doing.

Fair warning here, I tend to ramble a lot and fail at properly explaining myself. I’ll do my best but you’ll have to bear with me sometimes….or poke me, whichever way you prefer.

For some reason, I seem to be quite “insightful” at times and somehow, bold enough to offer advice and help whereas most of the time I’m actually quite shy. So far, when I actually tried it out, I got positive responses. I could only hope I helped somehow.

HB graphite pencils Deutsch: Bleistifte der St...

Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you’ll stick around if you like it and that we’ll become friends. :) So far, I seem to have attracted a bunch of really nice people who shouldered and helped me become a better self. Thank you all! *hugs*

If you have any questions, advice or just wanted to say hi, do so! I’m looking forward to chatting with you. :)

16 thoughts on “About me: Gabriela

    1. Oh my, excuse me, I think I din’t post my comment to this and for so long I din’t realize it. ;(

      Thank you. I see that Bowie is doing well. In a tight spot (As I saw in your latest post), but still as adorable as ever. :3

    1. I enjoyed what I saw so I had to follow. Now, time to clear my schedule so I can comment too (My comments are usually miles long, that’s why I didn’t do that yet). Will get to it soon though. :)

      Thank you! The same goes for you.

  1. AnElephantCant pretend he’s a smart dude
    He is certainly not as clever as you
    You will outgrow being clumsy
    Unless you have as big a bum as he
    And doncha know that he is a Scorpio too


    1. You might not remember me as I was active months ago >_>” but thank you for stopping by. :)

      I have a lot of catch up to do with your blog, that’s for sure.

      And yeah, I might be a lazy bum sometimes. Hehe. And no, I didn’t know you were also a Scorpio.

      1. Thank you, both of you.

        It’s been a rough period for me so I kind of drifted off wordpress for a while so I don’t know people that don’t have the award to nominate but I’ll do my best to pick some nice people.

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