What Are We Doing to The Animals?

What are we doing to the animals?

I really wanted to attack this subject considering people in my country treat animals the worst, probably. They trow them in various places (abandoned or not), they hit them, overwork them (horses for example), they don’t feed or care for their thirst, they hunt them out to put them down, they won’t trow a little bread at them when they see them with only bones beneath the muddy fur on the street, they drive them over on purpose etc.

Vets are few and far between. They charge a lot, do nothing, ask you to come multiple times, empty your pockets on overpriced medication, abuse your pet and let it die. They do no home visits (except for 1, once), they won’t care if they see a dying dog on the street, they simply don’t care either. Maybe 1 outta 4 millions? I doubt we have that many anyway.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OFtNChII78k <*Deep sigh* Sums it up quite right, doesn’t it? I can’t get it to display…

I found this little article on this topic so I felt obligated to write this too. I tried to keep it short and mostly emotion free (or I would cry rambling about the dear balls of fur) but I’m sure you’ll want to give this a nice read:  Daina’s “Animal Rights” Post

16 thoughts on “What Are We Doing to The Animals?

    1. I do not hold hope on that but it’s the thought that counts. :) Maybe that actually happens. That would be great.
      Thanks for stopping by! *gives jaffacakes* :)

  1. thanks for your notice! I really appreciate that! I do have hopes that we all can make a difference in battery farming!
    P.S. My name is Daina btw :)

    1. Oh, I’m sorry! We have the name of Diana around here so I just typed it out outta habit. XD Ups. Daina, got it, fixed, nice to meet you! :)
      Battery farming? Uh uh, are you planing to take over the world? Unless it’s a cat ruled world, I must politely refuse and go back to my own world-take-over plottings. XD

  2. For somebody like me who really loves the animals, thank you for writing this post. This subject is not getting the attention it deserves from the whole world. There is this problem in so many places and I don’t understand why all the government are not more tighter with the laws and control and punishment for people who are cruel to animals. Abuse is the same for people and animals, they are alive and have thoughts and feelings the same as us. I can’t believe the things which happen and nobody gets arrested for what they do. People actually think it’s normal. Thank you for caring about the animals and especially that you write about your own country so you can even see objectively even though it is your culture. That is very intelligent and openminded of you. Some people will criticise for your belief and opinion and say you care more about the animals than humans and other stupid things. Don’t listen to them. You are good and right and people like you are the minority but maybe if we talk and talk more people will start to listen and the world can change to become better place. This is my prayer. You are not alone to feel this way. Me and my wife we are the same exactly. Somebody has to speak for the animal rights! We are in minority already. We need more people like us, not less.

    1. I found myself nodding in agreement. :) I don’t know what to say in completion, I feel it doesn’t need any add on.

      People need to realize it but they just don’t want to. They prefer to hug themselves and toss the unfortunate animals to certain death. Rarely some survive a few years on the street.

      Tilda is a sweatheart, I’m glad she loves them. I read she going though some things. Hope all clear up for her. :)

      Now, this part is not a read for sensible people so avert your eyes:

      “Some people will criticise for your belief and opinion and say you care more about the animals than humans and other stupid things. Don’t listen to them”
      ^Yeah, those people I will simply ignore. I find that line of thoughts closed-minded and, to be frank, quite stupid.
      Most of the animal lovers out there will either put them lower or equal and, as serious as I can be, I put them above almost all humans. Yeah, I would and I have no shame in admiting it.

      Why would I do that? Because I learned that very few people deserve my time and I’m not trying to be a fancy bimbo here. They are simply awful at heart, egoistical, cruel etc and they will not look back if their interests are meet, no matter how small the benefit.

      Some people might argue but I know the people in my country which go darker by the minute for no apparent reason. An outsider won’t understand but I’m actually not saying things just to say them.

      In my first day of High-school, to give an example for the doubters, besides them treating me like a paria as soon as they saw me (:O I barely stepped in the class and didn’t even turn-walk to see them), they would simply swear without even waiting to turn my back and if I saw them they would look at me and keep swearing with big wondering eyes (donno why, it was weird) and I didn’t know them, they didn’t know me, I didn’t do anything to them, I didn’t even look at them. So yeah, I’m not bad-mouthing like a crazy person, I’m stating facts and there is no age category that’s bad, all are now.
      Yeah, then I’m the problem some would say. Meh, if I find normal people to get along with but not go along with a majority is there something wrong with me? I don’t think so. Besides being shy, forgetful and clumsy, I don’t see the difference.

      Now imagine that, by treating a human like that, the way they treat a pet…Yeah, you wouldn’t want to know.

      As to the few people I would resist putting them above…Mom? I donno, she loves animals too, she hopes to win the lottery to build them a shelter as improbable as that is. If faced with a decision, I wouldn’t know if I could choose between. I would try to save both animal and mom.

      I’m sorry, I started rambling again. XD My comments on any blog end up longer and way way way way more frequent than what I post actual posts here. Uh uh.

    1. Thank you dear! ;)
      I asked my grandma about the flower and she said *orhidea* or *crin*. I don’t know about flowers but I find myself dissagreeing. Lookig closely, it’s formed from individual flowers and none have that long tip in the middle. Uh uh.

      1. will be back to my mother’s garden and will surely take photos of the flowers at different angles.. and will post them and maybe some blogger friends would recognize it..

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