Merry Christmas!

English: A bauble on a Christmas tree.

Hey! Merry Christmas!

This morning grandma woke me up to take the gifts up to my little cousin therefore I forgot what day it was (like always) and didn’t think of Christmas. Actually, I thought it’s barely Sunday or Saturday…I hate looking at the clock or at the calendar and my memory is so so so so bad that I wouldn’t remember anyway. Problem solved: Ditch time!

Anyway, I passed her the clothes which turned out to be bigger than she is but they will prove themselves useful over the upcoming years. I just hope my family liked them, there wasn’t much choice, neither of fabric, price or actual pieces of clothing. I just grabbed what I thought was sort-of nice. Hehe…

Now, I did mention I had 0 plans for this Christmas and that still holds true.  My rooms’ a mess, no traditional food is done, no gifts under the tree, lotsa posts in my reader to poke <3, 2 cats sleeping in my room (Ah, I just want to bear-hug them, pet them and keep them in my arms…But hey, they ain’t gonna have any of that, no no, they’re too high on the ladder for my affection) and only a bit of the family home.

I really wish we’d spend the Christmas together (and by that I don’t mean together with dad…he can slip with the car in a tree for all I care…yeah, that sounds morbid…fine…I take that back) as it would be a good way to bring a bit of happiness back into our life but hey, me and my grandparent’s were never a priority so we gotta be used to it…And that’s really annoying to say out loud as it goes against myself.

On a happier note, I got a bag of corn flakes and some sweets from my Aunt and Uncle and a Red Dye (think this one is a bit too red actually, I like the Deep Red-Hard to notice-towards Purple one..ah, mouthful) which I asked for. I gotta get my Aunt to Dye me and hope it doesn’t clean out soon (it’s just temporary fake dye that doesn’t affect your hair).

christmas 2007

I never posted pictures of myself on the internet or gave others mine too often because…you never know. I am kinda prohibited to do so too but meh, I make the calls on myself.  I already put one at my avatar (click the thingy-pic at the bottom of the post if ya really curious). My glasses make my face look cut out and my earring looks weird but I didn’t edit the pic at all…I did take hundreds of them till I settled on one…But shh, you aren’t supposed to know that. I just never look good in pictures, no matter what. If ya curious if I make it for the carrot head or not after it’s dyed, pitch me and I will post a picture. If not, I will be happy to hide my head under a snowman’s pot head.

christmas stars

I already showed you my weird Christmas Tree and asked you lots questions there so I’ll leave you to your baking, cleaning, singing, raining chickens or whatever you’re doing at this moment. I really hope you’ll have a nice/wonderful day and that you save me a piece of whatever yummy you get. Mine’s are meh! :)

PS: I’m still trying to figure a time interval to release my posts so you can nom on them right from the oven. Telling  me when (compared to this post + or- x number of hours if possible…please don’t try to fry my brain with complicated CTM, GTM, EST whatever awful and complicated stuffs) it would be nice to get me poking at you to read my post and I will see to make room. Thankies!

4 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!

  1. AnElephantCant apologise enough
    For misspelling Ieonaa’s name
    He doesn’t read very well
    Thought it began with an ‘L’
    Now he hangs his grey head in deep shame

    But he is happy she came by and commented
    He peruses her site with a mania
    He is quite excited
    Ieonaa is invited
    To be his first friend in Romania

    1. Do not worry, Elepfant
      Ieonaa’s well accustomed,
      She knows that people
      Tend to mistake her nickname.

      Ieonaa’s quite happy,
      She made a new friend,
      A white Elepfant Buddy,
      With long ears and pants not red.

      She’s not good at poems to this day
      But she deeply apologize,
      She’s been away
      And no comment notifications seemed to arise
      So she almost missed the Elephant’s surprise.

      Ieonaa’s quite happy,
      She got an Elepfant strolling around
      She can’t imagine an Elephant not happy
      With so much fun around.

      She thanks deeply for the visit
      And wishes he’ll drop by some more
      As she got cake and juice
      And cats a ton.

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