The Mysterious Orange Flower

It seems elizz took this beautiful photo of an unknown flower. Since neither she, me (I’m no good at flowers) or anyone else knew what it is, we, some of her followers decided to re-blog this and ask for a tiny bit of help. :)

This morning, i noticed orange flowers in bloom in my mother’s garden. When i asked her what those gorgeous looking flowers are, my mother said she doesn’t know because they just appeared in her garden.

Orange Flowers

via photo of the day: orange flowers.

12 thoughts on “The Mysterious Orange Flower

    1. Haha, I wish. :)) My grandma and mom know a bit about flowers but they never wanted to pass the knowledge on no matter how much I asked. ;(
      Eh, I’m sure someone will know.

  1. If you don’t figure it out…I vote we call it the Pumpkinis Florini. Sorry. It’s a pretty flower, but EVERYTHING orange makes me think of pumpkins. I’m a little warped. :) OK, a LOT warped.

    1. *laughs* Ok, Pumpkinis Florini it is even if we find it’s name. Shh, it be the code name of agent 007 Flower. ;)
      *keeps laughing* Ah, you’re awesome! :)
      By the way, you’re name still link to your old blog, is that intended?

  2. I have absolutely no idea but it’s a very pretty flower. Usually I don’t like the colour orange, so it’s nice to see something orange which I actually like. Good luck solving this mystery!

    1. It is, isn’t it? :)

      Yeah, I usually don’t fancy orange either but this flower is nice. (Ask me why my theme is now orange? Uhm…no idea… I hope its at least tolerated or I’ll have to go on a hunt again *worried* I’ve been though hell till I settled on this one.)

      Glad to have you stopping by again, Tilda. :) I was just browsing your Blog Challenges. You have good timing. I don’t know if they are closed yet (they probably are) but I’ll do them because I like them anyway. :)

      1. Thank you for visiting my Blog Challenge and it’s still open. :-) If it’s in the Slider on my blog (that thing at the top with sliding images) then it’s still open. There’s no limit to the number of people who can answer. I still need a few more entries for the Funk Up my Hand project before I can close it and start a new Challenge. :-) But you are welcome to answer any question that you like!

        Have you tried looking for a blog about flowers? Maybe there is an expert who you can invite to your blog and they can tell you what is that flower. It’s so annoying when you have a question and no answer! :-)

        1. Haha, no. I prefer it to be unknown actually, which is kinda strange of me but I like this flower even without a name.

          But hey, if all fails, we can always name it Pumpkinis Florini like Morgue suggested. :P

          I was about to do *Hole in my Soul* in a strange way because I still have no ideas for *Funk up my Hand* and the others. Schools starts in a week and I wanted to answer all of them till then. I’ll see what I can do. :)

          1. Pumpkinis Florini is a very cute name, and I can understand how you like the flower to be unknown. Maybe you are a bit like that flower too, unknown.

            I would be very happy for you to answer any of my blog challenge questions; it is there for you to answer whichever thing you like. :-)

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