Missed Me? I Donno About You, But I Did Miss You! (Updates)


I hope that those months since I last talked with you have been pleasant. I would love to hear what have you been up to!

Myself, I have been really busy. It seems like years have passed since I last wrote here and I am not quite sure what to write since it’s been so long. Still, I feel like I owe it to myself to stick by the things I started, this blog too, as it has my most deep confessions on it and the most amazing people reading it. It truly feels like a home of my inner, well-hidden self (By the way, I finally got around to polishing my About me Page). Continue reading

Alone, Muddy and Thirsty.

Yep, I just chewed a daily prompt. I won’t write more on it, that’s on my previous post so go and read. :P

Still, I just wanted to make an update here. As you know, I’m away for the weekdays because of that pesky Highschool so I’m far behind on posts and reading blogs, commenting on them and so on. Want me to give you a poke? Tell me. I’m way too busy to go though everything so, chances are, I won’t, as sad as that is.


received 2 awards from Ute (*The Versatile Blogger* and *Shine On*<–I got kind of nominated to this by someone else, the awards which I will hang on the sides after I do the post about them) but I gotta go though my whole *following* list to pick people out so I will post that later this month. Ah, I feel like slacking off. Oh well. :P I already thanked you twice but hey, 3 times a charm. :)

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The Mysterious Orange Flower

It seems elizz took this beautiful photo of an unknown flower. Since neither she, me (I’m no good at flowers) or anyone else knew what it is, we, some of her followers decided to re-blog this and ask for a tiny bit of help. :)

This morning, i noticed orange flowers in bloom in my mother’s garden. When i asked her what those gorgeous looking flowers are, my mother said she doesn’t know because they just appeared in her garden.

Orange Flowers

via photo of the day: orange flowers.

What Are We Doing to The Animals?

What are we doing to the animals?

I really wanted to attack this subject considering people in my country treat animals the worst, probably. They trow them in various places (abandoned or not), they hit them, overwork them (horses for example), they don’t feed or care for their thirst, they hunt them out to put them down, they won’t trow a little bread at them when they see them with only bones beneath the muddy fur on the street, they drive them over on purpose etc. Continue reading

Red’s *My No Need For Make-Up* Dye

Red Heel Sock Owl

I think I mentioned getting some Dye from my Aunt and Uncle which was a dark red. I didn’t use it yet because I forget it here, at my Grandparents while I was away at my Mom’s (hence the long absence).

So, while away, I bought a deep-red-towards-purple one that I simply love and I used in the past. Did I mention that I love it? Oh yeah, I did. It is not a permanent dye, just one that doesn’t harm your hair and should wash away in a few. Not so happy about that but I don’t want my hair to go though real dye at the expense of a longer experience. My hair it’s bad enough as it is and I already burned it once, as a kid (Baby Shampoo…).

This is my third time I think and, (just to share an inside joke) when I dyed it the second time, I asked my aunt to do it. She kept joking about the color looking really bright and me turning out to look like a carrot. Thankfully, her wish didn’t come true neither then, neither now. Phew! …Let’s not count the first time when I ended up with orange hair after it started washing off…Yeah, let’s not tell her that, she’ll never let me live it down. Continue reading