House full of cats

Cats are my favorite animals and, because Elizz asked me about my cats (hers are beautiful) I decided to try to photograph them and show them off…Let’s say that proved to be a disaster and leave it to that.

Still, I got some pics of doubtful quality and struggle of some ugly cats which refuse to be petted (deep sigh). I got someone else to hold them because they just didn’t want to stay put for a second. I got some marks myself (imagine me dancing around to photograph them while they tried to move in all directions). I did a quick Pait-Crop and text job, I shamefully admit. I will try to get some better pics another time:

Also, I recently changed my WordPress theme. I was wondering what you think of it. It’s been hell till I decided on it, let me say this much. (picky, oh so very picky)

My highschool starts back up on 14 so I gotta go in another town, at mum’s to attend. I’ll be coming here in the weekends if I can.

Oh, I have another cat at my mom’s, black and white called Tana, a little cat who was easy to shake off a tree branch by my friend. I took her home. In reward, my hands are full of red lines and pain. She’s  also a cat food maniac. She likes to stay on mom’s stuff or on her…Even on the hand of which she holds the mouse…Imagine playing Zuma like that. She also meow-talks a bit.

We always had cat so I might have got my cat addiction from that.

*goes to someone to visit, sees cat, goes dawwwwwwwwww, kitty!!, tries to pet it* <–happens to my own cats too…W-what? They are adorable!

This post is a bit all over the place, I know. I’m not feeling that well those days so it’ll have to do. Also, I’m still not happy with my *Funk up my hand* Entry so I gotta redo it…again.


19 thoughts on “House full of cats

  1. Hi Ieonaa, I am in plane on phone so short feedback. Cats are so cute and lovely! :-) sorry you dont feel well. Are you sick or some other problem. Dont worry so much about funk up my hand! Its just for fun. :-)

    1. Ah, donno, just feeling weird.
      Planes and phones. Is that even allowed? I’m kinda scared of planes.
      Yes, cats are cute and lovely but also wild. Let me pet you already, cats! ;(
      Actually, Mitone was just here, meowed at me till I petted her a few times and run off. Sassy cat.

  2. Kitties! Love it. We have a bunch of stray cats where I live. They are so used to eating wild they ignored the cat food we put out. They just look at it and look at us like “you call this food” and walk away. But , we have one stray cat that comes back everyday and started eating the food. We named her cinnamon. She hisses at us, eats the food, hisses again for good measure and walks away. lol

    1. Dawww!~Yeah, that’s my cats attitude too. ;( Cinnamon is a great name. My cats were unfortunate and got weird ones.
      They might get used to you soon and let you pet them. :3

  3. awww! beautiful kitties.. i am so fond of cats, as in super! thanks leonaa for introducing the kitties to us.. and yeah,very difficult to photograph them but love them so its okay to do crazy stuff just to get a better photos of them.. ah, for the love of kitties.. btw,i think their names are cute because they are so unique :) hugs from my kittycat Star :)

    1. Aww indeded. I’m crazy about cats. :) It’s been a real struggle to get them but you did ask me about them and I wanted to show them off. I can’t wait for a camera so I can do some fancy stuff on them.
      Hug Star and the others from me, they are just adorable.

  4. Kitties!!!!

    AWWWW :3

    And with that, the crazy cat lady is going to go snuggle her furry baby. Rest assured, I’ll have bite marks for that… but it’ll be worth it. :)

    1. Haha, I got plently of new bites and scratches this week from Tana. That kitty is evil. She won’t sleep with me no matter what. ;(
      Ah, you have kities too? *curious*

    1. Oh yea. All my cats are adopted or their mom was. I don’t have any male cats anymore, just picky girls. I love them anyway. I go awww a lot over them a lot, don’t worry. :)

  5. Aw, your little cats are so cute. I got a dog but I had cats before. cant now cause my dog hates cats plus live in stupid rented house where only allowed one pet. But I love cats too. Yeah they can be funny though, all loving one second and then attack your hand the next. Got a lot of scratches when I had cats. Their mood changes in 2 seconds. Maybe that’s why men call women “cats” a lot.

    1. Haha, you’re right. My hands are never gonna heal! Say hi to doggy from me. ;)
      Sorry for the late reply, your comment was stuck in the spam one for no reason. :O All fixed now. *glares at wordpress*

      1. Oh yeah, I had that happen to me too where things go into the spam. It’s a pain in the neck. Yeah, glare at wordpress, glaring is good. ;-)

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