Missed Me? I Donno About You, But I Did Miss You! (Updates)


I hope that those months since I last talked with you have been pleasant. I would love to hear what have you been up to!

Myself, I have been really busy. It seems like years have passed since I last wrote here and I am not quite sure what to write since it’s been so long. Still, I feel like I owe it to myself to stick by the things I started, this blog too, as it has my most deep confessions on it and the most amazing people reading it. It truly feels like a home of my inner, well-hidden self (By the way, I finally got around to polishing my About me Page). Continue reading

Stuck With a Black Hearth on Board (Hole in My Soul-Blog Challenge-Part 2)

Hey! Today I decided to do another one and it helped me a lot, plus, I enjoyed it ( Back in Time Challenge answered by me here was the other one I did) So now I’m doing this blog challenge of Tilda’s. Here’s what it’s all about:

Robbie Williams has a famous song called “Feel”. One of the lines in the song is

“There’s a hole in my soul, you can see it in my face …”

Think about that, and write whatever it makes you “feel”.

Do you identify with it, or does it leave you feeling nothing? Explain.

Can people see it in your face, or is there nothing there to see?
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Love Doesn’t Live Here Anymore…

Italo Calvino

I believe a soul is like a house.

It keeps within part of the joys and laughs as well as the sadness and misfortune and all the they hardly let them go away.

Most people stop and knock at the door, inhabitants just walk right in and some weird people just burst though right into your very core. And you? What do you do? Were you expecting them, do they need an invitation for their visit, do you not want them near?

frozen hearth

Have you ever wondered: Is my heart an open door? Not just for love but for the people you know or knew. Continue reading

Why do you blog?

As good as heart can wish

The times of anticipation and waiting for visitors will never pass. Still, there’s always a poke in the back of our heads that makes us post again and again and motivates us further. For me it’s hope but what is it for you?

Friendship, Göteborg, Sweden

I consider blogs a way to give back to strangers, to brighten days, inform people, make them ask themselves questions and to communicate back with the blogger and his/hers/my commentators :3 Continue reading