Red’s *My No Need For Make-Up* Dye

Red Heel Sock Owl

I think I mentioned getting some Dye from my Aunt and Uncle which was a dark red. I didn’t use it yet because I forget it here, at my Grandparents while I was away at my Mom’s (hence the long absence).

So, while away, I bought a deep-red-towards-purple one that I simply love and I used in the past. Did I mention that I love it? Oh yeah, I did. It is not a permanent dye, just one that doesn’t harm your hair and should wash away in a few. Not so happy about that but I don’t want my hair to go though real dye at the expense of a longer experience. My hair it’s bad enough as it is and I already burned it once, as a kid (Baby Shampoo…).

This is my third time I think and, (just to share an inside joke) when I dyed it the second time, I asked my aunt to do it. She kept joking about the color looking really bright and me turning out to look like a carrot. Thankfully, her wish didn’t come true neither then, neither now. Phew! …Let’s not count the first time when I ended up with orange hair after it started washing off…Yeah, let’s not tell her that, she’ll never let me live it down. Continue reading

Merry Christmas!

English: A bauble on a Christmas tree.

Hey! Merry Christmas!

This morning grandma woke me up to take the gifts up to my little cousin therefore I forgot what day it was (like always) and didn’t think of Christmas. Actually, I thought it’s barely Sunday or Saturday…I hate looking at the clock or at the calendar and my memory is so so so so bad that I wouldn’t remember anyway. Problem solved: Ditch time! Continue reading