What Are We Doing To The Animals? (Part 2)

6:30 PM

I was working on my history essay when my grandma called to me to look outside for one of our cats as he has the tendency to wander on the street. Eventually, I did find him inside, all cozy and sleeping soundly in a basket but on the street I found something I daily wish I wouldn’t see. In a pole (something that looks like this: http://img16.mercador.ro/images_mercadorro/12769253_1_644x461_teren-intravilan-dumbraveni-suceava.jpg and is used for for wiring), there were a small kitty and a bigger one, obviously  just abandoned.

I actually heard them from my yard, as the cement pole is just down on the street and I was calling for my  own cat and the little kitty answered so I went to see, fearful that maybe one of mine was hit by a car or that someone actually abandoned some, which turned out to be the case.

It’s heart-breaking to see them, so small and defenceless in this cold and hostile environment (there are cars, mean people and dogs passing by all the time). Who would feed them? I love animals and so does some of my family so we might be able to give them some food but shelter is impossible to offer them as we already have more than plenty, almost all picked from the street (or kids of those that came from the same place).

The saddest thing is not even that someone left those two, even though it saddens me deeply, but that this is a common occurrence in my country. People just throw them away and they get run down by cars (most of the times, I found, by the wish of the drives), die of hunger etc. Nobody picks them up to take them home and seldom would you find a person that brings food to stray animals,  like my mom does.

The only time when they are picked up from the street is when they are flat with the ground or hunted by dog catchers which simply hunt them down with tranquilizer guns, wait in their car till they collapse in cries and then pick them up, shove them in a car and send them to their death, often by a bullet to the head or a head smashed to the wall. If they, by a miracle, end up in one of the few shelters this country has, they are executed after 30 days (or less) as nobody adopts them…nor helps feeding them.

In most cases, instead of castrating the animals, Romanians simply throw them away. Yes, there are a few people out there that actually care for animals but they are very few and in this disgusting, stupid and pathetic country’s mentality, they are gems lost in the dark.

I wrote about animals before, but since this just happened (a few minutes ago) and it’s something of common occurrence and something that I am against happening, I decided to post about it. I guess I should be thankful that they didn’t left them directly in front of my gate or that they didn’t slip them through my fence, both which happened too many times to count…

Yes, Romania, this is one of the reasons why I truly hate you. It isn’t your fault as a country, if we’re speaking about the terrain, but it is a fault of most of the people that live inside you, most of the Romanians.


All the opinions presented here are strictly mine and reflect the reality. I am not generalizing but it does drive me nuts when so many people have no heart. Sure, there are hard times but this thing has happened since forever and it needs to stop!

English: Look out for the animals Straight ahe...

2 thoughts on “What Are We Doing To The Animals? (Part 2)

  1. Very well written. I am sorry that this is happening and that you have such a good heart and have to watch it. I don’t know what I would do. It would sadden me every day.

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