Oh, So This Is Your Friend’s Blouse? No Worries, I Just Destroyed It and I’ll Give It To My Cousin Now…

English: "Graceful Blouse" circa 1894
English: “Graceful Blouse” circa 1894 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I don’t get it. I just don’t. How could someone use, change, throw away, pass on or ruin your things and then they play the victim? I am the only one who went through this?


It’s no big deal. Just a blouse that you had the audacity to do whatever you wanted with without asking. But it the past there were pairs of expensive glasses and other things.  This is what’s bugging me and no, I am not ranting or crying about. It simply baffles me!


Just a few moments ago I went to the kitchen and spotted something that looked like a blouse/fancy top that one of my friends gave me, in a bag. Asking, she said that it was a big blouse that she found thrown around the house (mind you, it was on the heater in the bathroom last I saw it) and that it wouldn’t fit me or her. That’s why she decided to give it to one of her friends to redo it at the very edges (it used to have ruffles on the sides and nice dropped shoulders and stuff, nothing you can fix back up) and then give it to her cousin.


Of course, I wasn’t asked…


About those glasses… Yep, expensive stuff that I couldn’t wear because they didn’t fit my eyesight anymore/was broken but easily fixable. All in all, I wanted to reuse them but when I asked, those were gone too…in the trash bin, for many years. I wouldn’t go diggings tons of trash to find them but you’d think that was lesson enough for her not to fumble with my stuff again. What if my friend simply borrowed and not given that top to me? It was pretty unique so I couldn’t obviously replace nor have the money to do so.


But no, we’re all at fault and we should leave and stuff. I should go to X Town where my Mom lives and stuff. She says the same things over and over…maybe that’s why I always forget them.


*sigh* I am still angry about it as I can only imagine what she’ll throw next: Jewelry, My Computer, My bed, My School Stuff? Ugh! …And I really liked that blouse!


I am more baffled than angry that she thinks it’s normal to do those things. Just throwing money and respect out of the window. Ok, I get it that older people tend to lose themselves a bit, (my great-granny thought I was beating her when I wasn’t even home, for example, and of course, I’ve never done such thing) but this is too much of an ‘What the Frank is going on here?’ moment.


I’m absolutely sure that’s not something that only happened to me but it’s still something I’ve only seen in comedies. Tell me, what happened to you?


2 thoughts on “Oh, So This Is Your Friend’s Blouse? No Worries, I Just Destroyed It and I’ll Give It To My Cousin Now…

  1. It’s so true! Some people have no respect for other people’s belongings. It happens to me as well. I live at home with my parents ( my hubby stays here too). We have to REALLY keep track of our belongings. The clothes, i have to put straight in a laundry bag when done wearing and straight to the washer and dryer ( i stopped air dying clothes inside the house on rails and racks OR outside on the clothing line cause it randomly disappears). I can’t even leave my clothes for some time in the dryer or things magically disappears as well. Straight from when the dryer is stopped i have to put everything back into the laundry bag and take it back to my room. I even have to periodically check the coat and shoe closet to make sure my mother hasn’t taken my things or thrown them out. Imagine summer time 90 degree weather and I’m pulling out hoodies and sweaters to make sure they are all there lol.

    The same goes for everything. Paperwork especially. My mother would simply throw it out without even a glance at it to see if it’s important. My hubby is mechanic so has alot of storage in the garage of projects and tools and tool kits. His tools are never asked to be borrowed or loaned out and when he goes to check on them and finds missing stuff my dad and my bother said they used it and misplaced it or loaned it to a friend. Yup i’ve taken some of the smaller tool boxes inside my room too. My room is over stuffed!

    I’ve seen people walking around with our clothes, or some of our clothes used as “rags” for cleaning. I’ve seen neighbors using the hubby’s tools ( he marks all his tools). It’s just insane to me how people don’t realize ” this isn’t mine, leave it alone” or if they want to borrow it ask first.

    We can’t even leave food in the fridge/freezer. Someone will eat it or cook it or my mother is famous for throwing out left over food I JUST cooked that day( which is a BIG pet peeve of mine! I hate wasted food.).

    Sorry I wrote a novel! The rant got away with me. Point is, i sympathize with you!

    1. Wow. That’s definitely not alright!

      It reminds me of what my aunt said to me: ”When you marry, move out your parents house”. They used to live in my Uncle’s room but now they are living right on top of us, in their house. We only go visit and my grandma is very lovely-kissy when it comes to the two of them. Can’t even mention them or she’ll throw a fit so yeah, she idolizes them so they didn’t get any big problems from her.

      I’d put locks on everything if I were you. Seems extreme but, since they don’t understand…. I don’t even have a doorknob on my room’s door so I can’t even keep it closed and so grandma has the tendency to go barreling in my room, give my things to poor gypsies, throw away stuff and rage that the room is messy (one part of it being the couch that gets the whole closed dumped on daily because my mom keeps taking stuff out to *organize them* and I know that if I put them back, they will all be out again for months. *sigh*).

      I do get it that it’s frustrating to go through that daily. I hope it all works out for you, hun. :) Nice to see ya again. Lots of hugs.

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