Treasure Your Happiest Memories!

Many thoughts might be passing though your head when you’re listening to this. I wonder what’s going on in there.

Myself, I’m just smiling fondly albeit a bit teary looking back to this year. I miss my animals. They went away, to a better place. I’d like to imagine that they could see me smile when I look up towards the sky.

Oh my, I’m going past teary in full-blown crying mode.

9 thoughts on “Treasure Your Happiest Memories!

  1. oh that is so sad sweetie.. where are the adorable furbabies now? it must have been so difficult for you.. i don’t think i could manage to deal with that kind of situation.. well, i hope they are in a wonderful home and well loved..

    1. Not on earth, my dear. ;(
      I don’t know if you remember but I posted about my cats here, at your prompt:
      I had a few more, both dogs and cats that passed away but they aren’t included there. From that post though, Tigruta went away. Unknown reasons, car or repercussions of a past accident or surgery.

      I will be posting an updated version of my furry friends soon (the photos and white text thingy looks atrocious). Gotta show off my fluffy kids. :P

      I hope your kitties are doing well. *hugs them*
      I was just thinking about you those days while reading up on a breed one of my cats might have (Possibly, some Turkish Angora genes *crosses fingers*). It seems that white cats with blue eyes tend to be born deaf or go deaf at some point. For the ones that got amber and blue eyes, only the part with the blue one is affected. Since I remembered your Star has such eyes, I thought I should let you know and hope nothing will happen to her. ;( I don’t mean to upset you though. Ah, I’m worrying now.

      1. yes, i do remember that post.. i’ve also read that an oddeyed kitty will be or will go deaf in the future (but only on the side where the blue eye is) so i really wish Star would still be okay in the years to come.. thank you for your concern..

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