Missed Me? I Donno About You, But I Did Miss You! (Updates)


I hope that those months since I last talked with you have been pleasant. I would love to hear what have you been up to!

Myself, I have been really busy. It seems like years have passed since I last wrote here and I am not quite sure what to write since it’s been so long. Still, I feel like I owe it to myself to stick by the things I started, this blog too, as it has my most deep confessions on it and the most amazing people reading it. It truly feels like a home of my inner, well-hidden self (By the way, I finally got around to polishing my About me Page).

I can’t promise to be back fully, as I got 2 big notebooks of Summer Holiday Homework to write, and I am not even joking (30 tests, each takes 4+ pages and lots of brainstorming on the most ridiculous subjects….so yeah…), plus, this is my last year of High School so I gotta get good grades and take my final exams. T_T Also, I will be mostly away during the high school year as you know (it starts in September….13? Something like that)

BUT I will try to get back here when I can and feel like I got something to talk about. ^^

I will fill you in with what I did/doing soon, I just wanted to say I didn’t forget about Clumsy Musings or you, for now. :3

Thank you  for being one of the 70+ people who followed me! I don’t know why you and so many others found me interesting (Feel free to enlighten me, I’d very much enjoy reading your opinion) but hey, you’re all special to me, your comments prove that the most. :)

Much love to all of you! :3 *hugs everyone*


2 thoughts on “Missed Me? I Donno About You, But I Did Miss You! (Updates)

  1. Enjoy your last year of high school! It goes fast. :)

    Glad to hear that you are doing well. I managed to get the job I was trying for and not much else has been going on (just the way I like it). Always nice to see you blogging again! :D

    1. Thank you, darling and congratulations! Yep, I love it when it’s quiet too but unfortunately that is not the case here, especially with the last year of High School. ;(
      I see you got back to gaming. Having fun? :)

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