Alone, Muddy and Thirsty.

Yep, I just chewed a daily prompt. I won’t write more on it, that’s on my previous post so go and read. :P

Still, I just wanted to make an update here. As you know, I’m away for the weekdays because of that pesky Highschool so I’m far behind on posts and reading blogs, commenting on them and so on. Want me to give you a poke? Tell me. I’m way too busy to go though everything so, chances are, I won’t, as sad as that is.


received 2 awards from Ute (*The Versatile Blogger* and *Shine On*<–I got kind of nominated to this by someone else, the awards which I will hang on the sides after I do the post about them) but I gotta go though my whole *following* list to pick people out so I will post that later this month. Ah, I feel like slacking off. Oh well. :P I already thanked you twice but hey, 3 times a charm. :)

For now, to say something about the weird title, I got it from this prompt and relates quite well with my current mood.

High School Main Gate

I’m already burned off with school, the classes seem to take forever to go though, we got a guard that can’t allow us to exit the High School grounds anymore which is annoying me because I’m used to my *cig per break* (oh well, gotta live without it :P) and doesn’t allow us to buy anything to eat from outside. We got a shop inside but everything is overpriced, you rarely get to order anything before the bell rings again (and we have 10 minutes breaks!), there’s not much choice…A teacher and the principal has to talk to the guard so you could go outside if they send you to get something from the School Library across the street, shopping or home and those Uniforms don’t help with the cold outside and inside. Brr!


I don’t like the cramped feeling those rules give me above all, I could care less about this stuff. It does feel a bit prison like and unfair.

I don’t feel like doing anything school related at all even though I somehow got 9,16 outta 10 as the average on the previous term (I’m a smart cookie or what?). *sigh*

Yep, small problems. But they manage to get me in bed before 4 PM till the next morning at 5 (Classes start at 7 AM…I mean 7! Ugh!) *ranty ranty*

Besides that, I get annoyed by that dad I have, Tana keeps scratching me and refuses to sleep with me (You should see her, keeps trying to escape and goes miaw miaw like you’re choking her or something), I have headaches, troubles with my PC (Uh, Uh!), lots to do.

An example of a cover from a Monopoly video game

There’s so much to say but hey, that can be said on a less ranty post so I’mma postpone it ;) Hope you’re having a nice day (I’m certainly enjoying mine at 6 AM) and I’ll try to catch up later today (If I manage to wake up, I’m a bit tired and Tigruta decided to spill my Monopoly on the floor, no mercy. Joy, Joy!) Okay, see ya later! :) 

The prompt:

Write down the first words that comes to mind when we say . . .

. . . home.

. . . soil.

. . . rain.

Use those words in the title of your post.


9 thoughts on “Alone, Muddy and Thirsty.

  1. Have you been nominated yet for the Very Inspirational Blogger Award?? I need to nominate 7 bloggers and I’d like to nominate you because you have an interesting blog, you are intelligent and are not shy of a challenge, and also, you speak on behalf of animal rights. So I hope you don’t already have this Award, and if you don’t, this is me telling you that you are nominated! I will be writing a post about it later tonight when I will make it official. Ok, now I’m going to read the rest of your post …

    1. Hi dear! I will keep this brief or going in my huge response spring. I will apply the advice as soon as I can. About the award, nope don’t have it. I just recieved 2 other from Ute and that’s about it. I never thought I’d get one. Haha. Thank you! *blushes* Okay, harder and harder to keep to keep this brief. I’ll fly off now :)

  2. A lot of what you wrote reminded me of my own experience of high school which I also hated. I was never one of those kids that loved school (and I couldn’t understand the ones that did). And my school wasn’t even as bad as yours! But I do remember feeling cold all the time in winter, especially when we had to do P.E. (sports). In my junior school (before high school, so ages 6-11) we had to wear shorts and tee shirt even in winter. I was always freezing so I would try to wear my school uniform jumper over the tee shirt, but the P.E. teacher always insisted I remove it. (Meanwhile she is wearing a really warm tracksuit, like sweatpants and jacket.) So eventually I complained to my mother, and she went to the school and got really angry and then they actually changed the rule! LOL. All of the students were allowed to wear their jumper if they were cold. So that was nice. But I still hated school and felt like a bird in a cage.

    I think you’re one of those free spirits and also probably too intelligent and individual for school, so maybe you find it rather boring, not enough freedom and everything is too much the same?

    Why do you go to bed at 4 pm? Is that your choice or your parents?

    Oh right, blogging can feel like a lot of pressure if you have to go to school etc. and then you come back after 5 or 6 days and there’s lots of messages and things waiting. But you could change your About Page to include the fact that you only check in with your blog once a week so you can’t make any promise to always reply to everything and always read everyone else’s blog. Some things are just not possible according to your time limits.

    For me I got so busy answering feedback that I now close the comments for a lot of my posts if it’s just my own reflections and ideas, like a journal, and I leave the comments open when I would really like people to give me their views etc.

    But I also saw another blog I think and she says very bluntly that she makes no commitment to reply to comments, and if she does, she will do it whenever she feels like it. So you could even do that if you like. Then people know what to expect. It wouldn’t change my opinion of you at all; I would still like you and your blog. Anyway, just my little ideas. Don’t change anything if you don’t want to! ;-)

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