Red’s *My No Need For Make-Up* Dye

Red Heel Sock Owl

I think I mentioned getting some Dye from my Aunt and Uncle which was a dark red. I didn’t use it yet because I forget it here, at my Grandparents while I was away at my Mom’s (hence the long absence).

So, while away, I bought a deep-red-towards-purple one that I simply love and I used in the past. Did I mention that I love it? Oh yeah, I did. It is not a permanent dye, just one that doesn’t harm your hair and should wash away in a few. Not so happy about that but I don’t want my hair to go though real dye at the expense of a longer experience. My hair it’s bad enough as it is and I already burned it once, as a kid (Baby Shampoo…).

This is my third time I think and, (just to share an inside joke) when I dyed it the second time, I asked my aunt to do it. She kept joking about the color looking really bright and me turning out to look like a carrot. Thankfully, her wish didn’t come true neither then, neither now. Phew! …Let’s not count the first time when I ended up with orange hair after it started washing off…Yeah, let’s not tell her that, she’ll never let me live it down.

Strawberry Short Cake Red High Heel

If you are so curious to see me, click on continue reading and scroll down to my avatar or simply scroll down past the posts (feel free to read them) and check out the footer section which also has my avatar, click it and enjoy a photo of me…You won’t see the color but hey, it’s the thought that counts. Told you, I look bad in photos anyway. :P

One thing I wanted to ask you is: What makes you feel confident, sexy, flirty, elegant…What makes you feel better about yourself?

High red heels, make-up, a briefcase (yep, I got men reading, not gonna exclude them from the talk), a tie, clothes, a lucky pen?

I donno, you tell me! :)

8 thoughts on “Red’s *My No Need For Make-Up* Dye

  1. Leonaa, Thanks for visiting my site, and pressing the like button! You have a nice site here, and an appealing, honest writing style that I like. For those reasons, I’ll be following your site. :) Marsha :)

      1. Awww, but you are so young. When I was your age I didn’t have it quite so together!!! Of course, when I was your age nobody had even heard of computers let alone the internet. We didn’t even have to type our homework – YIKES I”m dating myself!!! When I was your age, I spent most of my time roller skating and sewing dance costumes for myself, and clothing for display at the fabric store where my mom worked, and going to school and working a little bit on the side. :) Talk to you soon. Happy New Year, my new friend. :)

        1. Ah the orange hair. : )) I was like that a whole year, I looked quite the clown with short bright orange hair.

          Oh yeah, the year’s drawing to an end. Early Happy New Years to you too, Marsha.

          Well, one thing I learned mainly because of the internet is to know how to understand people. I do a lot of work moderating/administrating sites, stream chats, forums (since I was 11 actually) and so I found that people won’t act their age or what we expect them to act like at their age and, if you make efforts, they could change for the better.

          Some 13 years old kiddos can have the wisdom of an adult and, even if you’d knew their age, you’d still mistake them with some proper adults. That’s not to say, true kids can’t have any age, be it 18+ in age or 18-. They can flip out, trow insults, be real trouble makers and simply make you go *grr, my nerves are cracking* even if their age should provide them with a little bit of brain and self respect. Having such a careless attitude (to word it nicely) will simply build you up into someone that’s not worth the dime.

          I’m one to believe in self-education above the influence of the environment, bad situations and the way your family raises you as you’re the one that’s ultimately in charge of your own personality and brain. If you don’t self-educate then the other factors may just mess you up. I know they could have done that to me.

          I’m half glad for the internet. It allows you to meet wonderful people, see new inspiring things and go beyond your country. Still, I think people should go back in time a bit. I would have loved to live for a week, then, when there was no internet and people were kinder, honest, with common sense and always busy with something they sort-of enjoyed besides the internet.

          That’s just my opinion on age and people…sorry, I’m really rambling really boring stuff at this hour.

          1. Not boring at all!!! Us oldies kept journals. I actually destroyed my journals, though – too full of self-pity and lost loves to fit what I would actually want anyone else to read. People weren’t kinder. They didn’t have any more common sense than they do now. Just fewer assault weapons! I think blogging is very therapeutic. You’re an amazing young woman. You need to meet my friend Renee, if you haven’t already. She’s 16. I agree that age isn’t that important on the internet, and even in real life, but age brings shared memories. It has its own culture. Lots of love to you leonaa :)

            1. Renee with the B-day Party, right? Excellent idea, I wish I knew of you two sooner so I could chirp in too. :) I’m off to her blog right now. She seems interesting, thanks for telling me about her.

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