I Could Never Keep A Diary

Diary #1, Cover

Funny enough, even though I was never able to keep a diary, I am right here, on a virtual diary, writing my thoughts away.

I do find it quite silly and awkward still but I know I will grow to really love it soon. I do want to post my writings if I do find them or if my inspiration decides to slap me again (Just because I won’t write otherwise).

The Diary of an Angel

At first, I thought of blogs as an impersonal world. One posts, people comment sometimes and their posts are never answered. That’s not how it should be though. The joy of interacting with those that cut from their time to drop you a line is worth your own.


I understood that a diary can be more than a documentation of insignificant happenings to a young naïve girl but a way to create memories, principles, joy and love. I might never have a diary made of paper but I will keep an online one, which gates are open to everyone. :)

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21 thoughts on “I Could Never Keep A Diary

  1. Me neither! I’d literally write something down and feel differently in about 5 minutes. It was so, so frustrating! But somehow, this is different. I’m glad you are starting to like WordPress… it is a place of pure creativity where all the interesting people of the world hang out! Well, at least a lot of the interesting people I know. :)

    1. Oh yeah, the 5 minute thing always applied and will forever apply to me. There’s no way around it. ;( It is quite annoying to find yourself not being able to decide something, feeling reluctance on multiple choices or getting stubborn on a silly thing. It happens to me all the time and it’s never pleasant. ;(

      Yes, I found out the pleasures of blogging, the joy upon seeing that orange bubble in your bar signaling a long-awaited comment and the discovery of yet another cool blog. I wish I could break some of my walls and write away but for some reason, I find it hard to do that.

      Thanks for poking around here. ;) *gives Jaffacake*

      1. Haha, your reservations will disappear with time. I started out my blog to just be my own incessant chatter, but once a couple of people starting poking around and I saw what they were writing about, I got thinking. Then, I had a really bad day and I wrote about it, and people genuinely cared. It’s nice to be able to put out what you think, unfiltered and honest. Those that agree will hang around, the others will click away to other spheres of the internet. :)

        1. That’s actually what I’m aiming for, getting people to stick around and to share their opinions provided they are nice. Hard to get people on the wagon but I’ll hope for the best. I saw some wonderful people around and I do not doubt the kindness. It’s been proved :)

  2. I had the opposite feeling with blogging… I felt it was waaaaaay too personal. I was afraid to let people close. But it has been a great way for me to write about what moves me, and just cast it out there without being afraid. This has also become my online journal… it’s great. And I appreciate what you’ve written. Thank you!

    1. Yes, it does feel a bit personal and I’m not an open book by default. I guess it takes time but I’m willing to poke at it.
      I wrote a letter to myself yesterday (which I will post today) after I saw the prompt on http://discoveringdifferent.wordpress.com/2012/12/17/a-letter-to-myself/ which she found on http://tfaswift.com/ I admit I am quite scared and it was written between cries and cries but I did feel so much better after putting my heart on the plate in such a sincere way. Letting people close is a good thing to do, You can always set a limit of how close they can get if they start to poke you, thankfully.

      The nicest and reliable friends I found are all from the internet, gotten from playing video games, moderating streams and forums, poking,around blogs etc.

      Some people use the internet in ways that point out the flaws of humanity (a thing which my country is full off. I only found a few persons worth of kindness as mean as that sounds) but there are people that you will like buzzing around the internet. I found out that their friendship is priceless and long-lasting.

      Thanks for dropping by Tesz! :) I will follow your advice.

  3. So true, writing helps you to know your self better & yet the same time you get chance to know others by sharing your thoughts with them …good work…. keep it up:)

    1. You are right! I missed that point till now, knowing myself better. I do love the interaction. Thank you for the encouragement and for reminding myself that blogging it’s a way to know yourself too. :)

  4. I tried diaries too and never stick to them either. But recently I have started a journal, a posher word for diary, and I enjoy writing in it. Specially when you have something in your head before bed, write it down and it feels dealt with so I can sleep without thinking about it. I also want to start a gratitude journal for 2013 and write down each day what I was grateful for on the day. see how that goes. it makes you think more about the day you had, and appreciate more what you did or what others did. Just an idea!

    1. Those ideas are great, Ute! Do you intend to post it on the blog or just keep it private?

      Time seems to fly by in such a hurry and I forgot to appreciate the joys of everyday life. Grumpy me might need something similar.

      Yeah, it does make things feel *dealt with*…For example, my *I forgive myself* response to Tilda’s Blog Challenge really lifted some weight off my shoulders, a thing which was much needed and useful.

      My diary of sorts will be this blog. I’m a bit annoyed at it’s features (You can’t imagine the hunt for a *good enough,could be better but I will use it regardless* theme, for example. I’m really picky so me and wordpress had a good fight).

      As long as I’m keeping the people who read this little blog awake though my post, then I’ll be happy. I can’t turn it into a full diary though. It would contain a lot of me complaining, pondering about silly stuff, bad jokes, weirdness and evil world takeover plans. So no can do.

      I’m pondering inserting some videoblogs there and there (preferably with a nice background instead of me) but my computer is too loud to hear myself over it even if I scream. Still, it would be so much easier and pleasant to have some posts like that.

      Thank you for coming over, Ute! :)

  5. i couldn’t keep a diary either but this 2013 i have this journal and so far (clap! clap! clap!) i haven’t missed writing an everyday thought.. more like a “thought snippet”.. which contained just a sentence.. and my goal is to complete my 365 thought snippet entry.. oh my gosh, hope i could keep up LOL.

    1. It would be nice to share once some of them, once in a while, on your lovely blog. Good luck with it, :) I’m sure you’ll get to that 365 thought in no time.

  6. i never made a full fledged diary, but i have kept this notebook where sometimes i write down my thought. I have made sections where i write down my feelings, my prayers, random interesting bits of information I come across everyday. I even wrote a draft of a letter i gave to my elder sister who lives far away…..

    P.S.: love your blogs

    1. Thank you, darling! *blushes*

      I usually write random stuff if I am struck by inspiration but always manage to lose any piece of paper I scribble down on. It’s nice that you could keep them all together. It really helps to write things down. Maybe you could use some for your blog too, if you ever feel like it. I’ll be hanging around yours for sure. :)

      1. *blushes* wow! i get a ‘darling’ the first time around :) just kidding! Thank you so much that you read my blog, and yes if i find interesting stuff i will be sure to share it on my blog. And it would be nice if you can share some ideas and topics that i might be able to write about, kinda new at the whole blogging thing.

        1. Well, I am no expert, obviously….So don’t expect award-winning advice. I’m struggling to get by blog back on the activity buzz line. ;(

          But I guess you could go through your notebook and see what snippets draw your attention as those things have been or still are important to you are are simply witty, funny etc.

          ”Write from the heart not for the sake or writing and if you don’t write, draw, snap a picture, share/be inspired by different things that spoke to your from the internet/real life etc” is the best advice I could give you. If you feel uncomfortable about something, don’t post it! Same goes for when you are not feeling ”it”. An ”About me” page won’t hurt either. ;)

          Back to the notebook, you could also see that not longer holds true there and see if you want to share or not.

          Your http://sajjadrocks.wordpress.com/2013/09/01/my-rambling/ was a trip down memory lane for me. That post did touch me as it held a deep meaning.

          Also, have fun, patience and look around WordPress! And if you ever need me, give me a poke or two. :)

          1. you are right, i mean what’s the point when you don’t feel inspired to write. At this point in times, due to various reasons, my thoughts seem to be in a mess. Hard to focus on anything in particular, so i cant come up with a topic to write about. I guess i don’t feel inspired enough. Well, I’ll keep trying.

            1. I seem to be going through the same phrase. So I got some images from my grandma’s garden and some plans to design my blog…The pics are taken, the design is not even started yet. When it comes to myself, I just ran out of inspiration. >_<

              Yep, practice helps and your notebook could be a good backup from when you are out of inspiration. :) Or just look for it…

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