I Wish to Live Forever!


I do wish to live forever along with a few other people. I do wish to never age after a point in time and to keep the ones I care about cuddled to me.

I do wish for an never-ending life of happiness, of joy alongside them. I do not wish for an eternity alone as that will mean the pain of losing the loved ones…Still, I am selfish enough to accept that even if I will wipe half of the time.

Life is

We never think of Death and Life when we’re on the go or in the happy moment. We  bury this fear deep and cry it out alone, in the coffins of our conscience.

I do fear Death and resent it when it takes beloved ones alone, be it a cat, a living human or a very close one…I do fear it stalking me, cornering my smile in the pits of horror. I do not wish for Death but I do wish for life.


I always spend a lot of time sniffing on this subject and this is no exception. Still, my hate for it will never substitute and I will never bother to understand it as Death is not something to understand, to accept and to completely move on from, at least not in my book.

…I almost wish for that too.

I will not spend more time on this right now as it’s quite late. I don’t have any posts for this week (unless I magically make it back home) so I’ll see you in the weekend. Feel free to talk to me on this subject, I shall answer then. Later!

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2 thoughts on “I Wish to Live Forever!

    1. Indeed. I actually had some dark thoughts on the matter but the persons I leave behind always feel like a bind back to life. Besides, another life is never sure to be there, so we should try to live this to it’s fullest really. Thanks for dropping by. :)

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