Why do you blog?

As good as heart can wish

The times of anticipation and waiting for visitors will never pass. Still, there’s always a poke in the back of our heads that makes us post again and again and motivates us further. For me it’s hope but what is it for you?

Friendship, Göteborg, Sweden

I consider blogs a way to give back to strangers, to brighten days, inform people, make them ask themselves questions and to communicate back with the blogger and his/hers/my commentators :3

I do not think of making a new post quite as a chore but as a way to reach out, to smile. You might want to remember the reasons why you started or continued blogging when things don’t go the way you wish them to. For example, I would love for people to busy themselves on my blog, (comment, follow, suggest themes to talk about etc), for my writing skills to magically get back to what they used to be, for time (I have to schedule posts for the weekdays as I am away to school then), for inspiration, for a smile bought on your face.

I would also like to know how to get people to fall in love with this blog as they probably did with yours/other blogs. A warm smile from me might not be enough…


I always thought about setting up a blog (had a few in fact) and a Youtube channel but I never managed to stick to them. I am doing my best to post stuff here actually as I’m the quick to get bored multi-tasker and my writing started sucking a lot. I never managed to fully open myself up in life and, while I do not plan to hang all my washed cloths here, I will write as if I would be talking to my best friend (which never bothers to listen to me and goes blah blah about her annoying things that happened to her but meh…).

Game Set up - 30/04/11

Earlier this week I linked to an article on angel011’s blog that had the title “Saying It in Public Will Make You Do It?” and, while I do keep my opinion, I feel I should announce my goals to both myself and you so I could push myself into doing them as I’m the sort of person that takes and sticks with decisions in a very poor way *blushes* but I think that this blog will push me into the habit of taking decisions.

As I mentioned, I want to make myself a Youtube channel where I will post different things. Could be me rambling about stuff while I’m playing something most of the time but I hope you’ll enjoy it. I will post a link to it as soon as I get something up. Not gonna link to empty useless stuff ;)


8 thoughts on “Why do you blog?

  1. I’m an accidental blogger. I thought I’d start a blog and then close it after a few days, but then I started meeting some of the most fascinating people! I must admit I love it. A bunch of people have looked at me and said “A blog? Seriously? You? Why do you do that?”… Because it makes me happy. :)

    1. It’s half true with me. I did have a few attempts at blogging but they all died down (even my poems blog which had some success) but I’m determined to stick to this one as I discovered it’s joys. It makes me happy too and I’m glad that you are blogging.

      Besides the wonderful posts, that Letter to Yourself, Katie, inspired me to write my own. It was painful to let it all out and to admit my mistakes but now the pain is duller yet still clawing at my heart. It’s better still and I do have to thank you and tfaswift. Without knowing, you became my 2 helpful motivation for the day of yesterday. I will post my letter today. Thank you so much! :)

      Sorry for the delay on the answer I thought I was prompt but wordpress had other plans.

      1. This made my entire day and it’s only 10AM in Florida. I haven’t even had breakfast. This weekend is going to be *awesome*. :D

        Tilda actually found my blog when we both were just starting out, and she’s the one who really encouraged me to make the most of this entire experience, so I too will always be grateful for her. I’d recommend following her if you haven’t already done so, the group of the regulars she’s collected are all unique and awesome. Plus, her blogging challenges really push my limits sometimes. And that’s really fun to do.

        With everything that has gone on and happened in my life, I found that the best way to overcome the pain is to be open about it, but to be open in your own time. It took me a long, long time to be able to write about my rough childhood and my Mom’s illness, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I also sought counseling and that was one of the best choices I’ve ever made. Point is, this is your forum to do whatever you want with, and don’t ever feel pressured to do anything by anyone. We will read whatever you want to talk about whenever you feel comfortable talking about it. :)

        1. That’s true and I now realize that opening up somewhere you feel comfortable to do so, when you feel the time is right and easing yourself into the borders of your box is the best decision one could make. Thank you for the encouragement, glad to have you on board. :3
          I did post part of my letter thanks to you both and I think that it was about time. Plus, it will benefit this little blog too, to be able to open up and write my honest thoughts. All those thanks may seem far fetched and repetitive but I do mean them all. :)

          I did follow Tilda as well as other wonderful bloggers. I love poking around blogs because you really never know what they contain.

  2. Hi there, and thanks for following my blog. You “liked” my post “Back in Time”. I hope you’re going to give it a try; I’d love to get your input. :-)

    Katie Renee (the other commenter on this post) has one of my favourite blogs. She’s so hilarious. I think she should write a book, she’s so funny. How’d you two find each other?

    I started a blog because I was writing stuff on Facebook that was so not right for Facebook. I needed a blog, kind of like an online journal (same as you) to express my thoughts, opinions and reflections. Then I started posing a few questions for my readers and suddenly my blog became very interactive with lots of feedback. That’s when I started the Blog Challenge.

    I’ve met some really, really nice people through blogging. Of course there may be a few people who annoy you, but for the most part people seem to be respectful of each other’s blogs.

    How to make people fall in love with your blog? I would suggest just keeping it very real. Write what you feel like without trying to impress. Enjoying your blog is what it’s all about. There will always be some people who like you just the way you are; and who you are will shine through your writing. When I visit someone else’s blog, I don’t care if it’s amazingly witty or intellectual; I just like people who are authentic, and that comes through in their writing. One of my favourite posts was about the contents of a young woman’s (about your age) closet! LOL.

    And it also helps to visit other blogs and leave some good substantial feedback. Everyone likes that. It takes some time to do it, but it is time well spent because you’ll find some great stuff to read if you search around; you’ll make the blogger happy with sincere and heartfelt feedback; and some of them will visit your blog too and maybe follow it. You’ll gradually build a nice group of blogging friends. It’s all about give and take.

    And now, since I like your blog and you seem nice and sincere, I shall follow it! :-)

    1. Oh Hi tfaswift! Nice to meet you! :)

      I found your blog though Katie’s, on her *A Letter to Myself* post. I admit, I saw the idea around a lot but you two really tipped the balance and I am really thankful for that.

      As I answered to her too, I will post one myself today. *takes a deep breath* I feel so much better after writing it and I’m really thankful to both of you. I always regarded the internet as a way to help others too, but never considered the help for myself.

      You will see what I’m talking about once you read it. After the cat part which I wrote first I went void of emotion but not of honesty.

      I wonder, have you ever considered the effects that Blog Challenge had on other people? :) Also, have you wrote that letter to yourself yet? I will pry a visit to the people who responded to your challenge. I don’t mean to prey but to shoulder though.

      I think I found Katie though Zomenga or whatever that handy thing from the dashboard is. She was at related articles or I clicked her from another blog. I really can’t remember for sure, I have an awful memory. :))

      She’s one of my favorite bloggers too and I’m glad I found her.

      A book is hard to write without a plot but she might do just fine once she finds it. She has to get comfortable with the idea though.

      I am mostly a poem writer/really short story writer but my muse has run away for some time which it’s quite annoying.

      I admit I never used or will use Facebook but I will strive towards the other points. I’m hardly funny but I will try to keep it Myself. I hardly had the time to post or to go around other people’s blogs because of Highschool and Scheduled Posts just don’t take me fancy but I do plan to be more involved this holiday and hop on some blogs. :)

      Thanks for the follow and for all the pieces of advice, tfaswift. :) Means a lot to me.

      1. Hi Ieonaa, I do indeed think about how the Blog Challenge affects other people, oh my, yes. I’ve had a great deal of feedback about it, not just the answers that people leave, but how it made them feel. Everything that people say has been positive and for that I am truly grateful and humbled. A lot of people also say that the questions were difficult (in the sense of stirring up emotions) but also therapeutic or cathartic. And some people just have fun, like with the photo challenge that I do. So yes, I definitely consider the effects of the Challenge and have that in mind when I think up the questions.

        And I do indeed answer everything myself – it’s only fair! LOL. Once each question is completed (has at least 8 answers), I shall one by one answer the questions myself, interspersed among other posts about other topics. But yes, I answer them all. I haven’t done the letter back in time yet because that question isn’t finished yet, and I leave my answer until at least 8 people have answered (will have to check how many people have answered that one so far, since I am not sure …), but I have already answered my last letter challenge (Letter to a Ghost). Here’s the link; I don’t chicken out of facing my own fears and sharing them with my readers! :-) http://tfaswift.com/2012/11/29/my-letter/

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