Power off me up!

Fresh snow on a thin twig
Fresh snow on a thin twig (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday it was the day of the awful Power Offs…Really…Really? I was so happy because of the snow and ready to write some drafts for the blog as I can’t really be on during the week, go on a comment spree on others and just have fun. My day was murdered by the constant loss of power though. Really, what can you do on a snowy day with no electricity? (Besides lazying in bed)

I also seem to have lost my writing skills. I haven’t wrote anything in a long time. Gotta get back in my happy writing corner. Bear with me till that happens please.

Frosty Footpath - winter snow
Frosty Footpath – winter snow (Photo credit: blmiers2)

As I posted, it snowed. First snow of the year! I was happy about the snow but trying to get it out-of-the-way is the farthest thing from fun…That if you don’t count the dogs acting all scared when you shovel the snow away…Yep, they are useless.

English: Snowed in Snow on the hill has often ...
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I just hope I won’t get a snow ball to the face this week…not even  a stray one but that seems unlikely. ;( At least, I can hope for my boots to not get wet, not slip and to not catch a long-lasting cold. Who knows, I might surprise my friend with a snow-ball fight. Mwahaha! Ah, that will relieve my stress. XD

Almond is a species of Prunus belonging to the...
Almond  flowers(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I only been outside for a bit and, because the other town didn’t have power, mom refused to take me to high-school this morning (We start at 7 AM, mind you)…That and the fact that the car was down the street and she’s lazy. Oh well, it still deserves a Hurray!

After this week the holiday will start too although I don’t have any plans for it.

Still, my uncle, aunt and cousin are coming back from France for the Holidays and I would be excited if not for my Family saying *your cousin is sleeping don’t walk around the house* …Yeah, everything can be heard upstairs so I gotta be sweet and locked on my chair…

talk & talk
talk & talk (Photo credit: nyoin)

Also, I had a History Project: Present a Town for this week. That was the real problem. Not rendering it meant I would get a very low grade. My team (me, my desk mate-friend, a girl and a boy) would suffer from it too. Well, only my friend actually helped…

Camtasia Studio 7.0.1
Camtasia Studio 7.0.1 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Thankfully, I managed to finish it somehow but it took a lot to render…Because the power kept going off! Agh! I feared my PC’s health. It started making weird sounds at one point.

Well, I am somewhat pleased with it and I might post it here later on…After I add English Captions or something.

Also, I’m doing the second rendering now for things I missed during the first one and another voice over…Hopefully, just hopefully, my teacher and desk mate will like it. She worked a lot on it too but Power Point doesn’t equal nice looking things so I did it in Camtasia with voice over which turned out to be a total fail and a serious and true pain to my neck. I gotta eat some honey or something and hope it gets better soon, toothache just wasn’t enough for me…;(

I wonder, what was the worst time for a power off for you?


2 thoughts on “Power off me up!

  1. The worst time for power off was when I had to do something for the Uni — if I didn’t, the professor wouldn’t let me take the exam — and we kept losing power.
    That snow-ball fight sounds fun!

    1. Ah, quite similar to what’s happening here. I can only cross my fingers till when I get to school.

      Yes, snow-ball fights are sometimes fun…till you don’t get snow under your cloths. ;(

      My cats are playing in the snow still :3 They are so cute!

      Thanks for stopping by, Angel! :)

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