Hello, snow outside the window!

central park

I just woke up and I am greeted by a magnificent sight.

Even now, it’s still snowing big fluffy snowflakes and everything has a thick layer on top.

English: Snow flakes by Wilson Bentley. Bentle...
Snow flakes by Wilson Bentley (Wikipedia)

I  am happy for the snow even though it’s still just the beginning of December and everything will be a cold yet beautiful realm outside the window.

The temperature might get to me so and I may get a cold and the snow will transform into water when it will touch me and I might get a stray snow-ball in my face but hey…It’s winter, it’s snowing and it’s so beautiful!

You know, we don’t really have the hot chocolate tradition. Most of the time adults would warm up some wine if they were cold. Still, if I can, I want this winter to pass for me with a mug of hot and delicious hot chocolate in my hand. Yum!

I wonder, did it snow anywhere else on the globe? Will you tempt yourself with hot chocolate? Did you ever made a snowman? I have not but I tried to do angels when I was younger. They never looked right when I tried.

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