The Start of My Clumsy Musings

Credit goes to the respective author.

Hey, I’m the crazy author of this blog which I just set up.

Here you will find a lot of things that I feel like sharing with someone, here.

You might find pictures, things I write such as poems, musings, TV and music related stuff (anime, manga, foreign bands anyone?), graphic design related things and all the things I enjoy or I want to talk about.

I will leave this short but feel free to drop by and say hello from time to time. I will do my best to post as much and as good as I can. *fingers crossed*

Hope your reading will be enjoyable and that we’ll find lots of stuff to talk about together.


Oh, wait! You might wonder why I gave my blog such a weird title…Truth be told,I don’t know. When I registered it, I was playing with the security code box and this was one of the things I would have had to type to validate my sign up to As I am quite forgetful, clumsy and sometimes take some time to ponder my decisions. Still, moving back on, I fould that that silly name was already taken so I tried to come up with one that holds true to my weird self still so I decided that this is a proper name. :)

I’m off this time, I promise. I shall be back soon though, you won’t miss me long.

Until we shall meet again!



6 thoughts on “The Start of My Clumsy Musings

      1. Well, I’m a huge, huge fan of 90’s rock. Matchbox 20 is amazing, so are Goo Goo Dolls and Collective Soul…. honestly, just about everything 90’s rock is awesome, I just know the names of too many bands. Those are just a few of my all time favorites :)

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